Friday, March 21, 2008

About "Luckless"

When I started this blog yesterday I chose to add a drawing I did a few years ago of a friend of mine . She was playing the roll of "Luckless" in a high school play. I just loved the expression con-vied with the hands in the reference photo. I have completed two drawings of Kena one in color and the one I posted in graphite, which happens to be my first love as a form of self expression.

I started drawing at a very early age after seeing some of my mothers drawings of horses. I loved the way the horses came alive in the simple graphite renderings.

My graphite drawings were primarily still life till, one day I was asked by my students to teach them to draw portraits. For years I told myself I could not draw people. I needed to overcome that fear and learn to draw portraits.
I will share my journey of portrait drawing at a later date.

FYI: The header on my blog has a section of my son's portrait.

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