Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Garden Artists

Yesterday was one of those rare spring days in Oregon, when it is warm enough and not pouring rain, to get into the garden and do a bit of spring cleaning. I spent the day weeding my flower beds and taking inventory of the plants that survived the past winter months. My back is complaining today.

I relish the time I have in the garden for it gives me time to think about things. Growth and renewal, plans for the future, what to fix for dinner. I found myself thinking about art and how gardeners are artists that paint with flowers. A bit of red here, a little white there.

So tell me, do you paint with plants in your garden? If so do you plan your painting or, do as I do and just let it happen?

This is a colored pencil painting I did several years ago of the Mohawk River (Earnest) Covered Bridge in spring time.

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