Monday, April 7, 2008

Artist Receptions

Yesterday I had the pleasure of the company of two delightful gentlemen at the 17th Annual Colored Pencil Society District Chapter 201 show and artist reception. My husband and a friend joined me on a trek to Oregon City for a wonderful afternoon of art and conversation.
I can't count the number of artist receptions I have attended through the years. They are to me both exciting and a chore. I very much enjoy going and mingling with the other artist, the excitement and anticipation of the awards seems to fill the space. On the other hand I sometimes find it hard to come up with chit chatty things to say and worry when the conversation drops to silence.
To my surprise and joy I was awarded a prize for one of my paintings. It is always nice to be recognized at one of these receptions, though I have entered many and not been awarded. Thinking back to the first show I entered, and this was a great many years ago, it was a competition during my years in high school sponsored by a local manufacturing company. The first, second and third place winners were to be awarded cash prizes, as usual, but the art was to become the possession of the company. As it turned out, the judge was aquatinted with the mother of one of the students who entered and the names were on the pieces being judged so, to make a long story short I did receive third place and my wonderful wall hanging was purchased for not quite what the materials cost. I came away from that experience a little bitter to say the least.
Well, I am glad to have that off my chest!
Back to receptions. Tell me what you think about artist receptions. Do you have an experience to share? Send me your comment.
Thanks Ted and Jim for a delightful afternoon and dinner.
Oh, the painting at the right is the award winner and the title is "Flavor of Rhubarb"

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Carmel said...

Congratulations on your award!!
The colors are beautiful. As for receptions. Unfortunately I have missed the last two. However, I enjoy them most when I don't know some of the artists. It is nice not to be known and a surprise when you like a piece and meet the artist who produced the work.
I have your blog marked and hope to see some WIPs. Thanks for sharing. Carmel