Thursday, April 3, 2008


Slowly but surely I am recovering from the tea party. Wow, what a lot goes into hosting high tea! All in all I think everyone had a good time. I have asked one of the guests to send me pictures, I was far too busy making sure my guests had what they needed to take pictures. As soon as I can I'll post some.
I had the pleasure of the company of five little girls at the tea, each dressed in their best dresses and shoes, some with hats, some with fine hairdos, ranging in age from nine to three. I think they were a bit put out at the fact that they couldn't go outside and play, but we drank tea and juice, had some great food and wonderful conversations. Thank you to all my guests and a big thank you to my daughter Jodie and her friend Lindsey for all their help.

Now I am reeling from the first week of spring term classes. The first week is always a bit chaotic. I had one class on my calendar at 10 and it started at 9! Oh well, stuff happens. It is also quite exciting to see new faces and learn their story and journey as artists.

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