Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mrs. Cellophane

This is my space to rant and rave so here goes.

I recently had the great pleasure of being accepted into a juried show at a art center. Imagine my excitement at receiving an acceptance letter and not a rejection letter, we all have oodles of those. The time for the show approaches and I send out press releases to my local art guild. I get a response back telling me "It looks like at least 6 so I probably won't call out anyone specifically." I then find out my name has been omitted from the list of artist in the art center's press material. My name is not on the post cards, press releases, nothing! I get the art guild newsletter and guess what, they call out the artists who are in the show specifically, but of course my name is not among them. Needless to say I am quite bummed. I feel like Mrs. Cellophane, you know like in the Broadway Musical of Chicago. Well, there is not much I can do about it except to gripe about it on my blog.

So, if you have ever had a similar experience please let me know.

Oh, and my colored pencil painting titled "YIN YANG" is in the show.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall is the season for art shows!

OH, my! Here it is the middle of September and I have not had time to post anything on my blog this month. I am sure that time is moving faster. It seems as though the summer barely started and now it is nearly over. Classes will be starting soon and the weather will force me into the studio.

Don't you just love Fall's colors!

The leaves are turning and the Mums are blooming.
I have been busy all summer creating art for different art shows. It seems to me "When it rains, it pours" I have one show after another and they overlap in such a way as to not allow me to use the same pieces twice, Yikes! Well that is one way to get you off your backside and into the studio or outside creating.

Here is a rundown of the shows I have going:
Benton County Historical Museum in Philomath has a show of LBCC Benton Center Art Instructors. I have SIX colored pencil pieces in this show. Runs through October 4th.
Just dropped off a piece for at the Art Center in Corvallis for the 6th Around Oregon Annual Show. It runs October 2nd - 30th.
Have just finished a painting for the Showcase of Local Artists at this years Fall Festival Saturday and Sunday September 27th and 28th.
I am working on paintings to be juried Monday for the Vista's and Vineyards Annual Show at LaSells Stewart Center, OSU Campus. It will run September 29th to October 29th.

The painting of the leaf is in titled "Fall's Festival" it is 32"X 20". It is colored pencil with just a touch of gold and copper leaf along the leaf edges.