Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rose in progress - Final Steps

I can now add a variety of gray pencils to create the petals and leaves of the rose. I began in the center of the rose and worked toward the outer edge. I was surprised at the amount of color that is found in some gray pencils. Some of the dark gray pencils have allot of blue in them and so would not work for a black, white, and gray painting. Some of the grays as most of you know, like French Gray's, have allot of brown in them. This was harder than I thought it would be and I had to experiment with different pencil combinations to get what I wanted for value. The background was pretty straight forward requiring only the addition of lighter values as planned. I was careful around the top of the rose to keep the white of the surface where the frost was for I had a special plan for this area.

Once the colored pencil was complete and I was satisfied it was done, I sprayed it with a fixative spray. Three or four light coats. Next I sealed the surface with three or four light coats of Golden Archival Varnish. I added Golden Heavy Gel (Gloss) with a toothpick to the frost areas and before it dried sprinkled a very fine crystal glitter on top. This gives the frost a sparkle when the light hits it. I titled the painting "First Frost".

Experimenting with this painting I learned several techniques I will apply to paintings in the future.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rose in progress - Next Steps

I have cut the Illustration board to fit my frame, 8" x 6". Now I need to think about the surface. Do I want to prepare the surface of the Illustration board or leave it as is? I have a very dark background around the rose and I do not necessarily want to try and get that dark with pencils or paint. I think I will cover the background with a coat of black gesso. That way I will only need to add the lighter values to the background. If I add black gesso to the background and not the rose this will leave the rose light enough to get the light values it needs.

I also think I need more tooth or texture on the surface, so I have decided to apply a thin layer of Acrylic ground for Pastels manufactured by Gamble to the entire surface first. This will give me a slightly sandy surface. I will allow this to dry, transfer my cartoon drawing, then apply black gesso carefully to the background. Once the gesso is dry I can begin to apply colored pencil.