Friday, November 7, 2008

Rose in progress - Next Steps

I have cut the Illustration board to fit my frame, 8" x 6". Now I need to think about the surface. Do I want to prepare the surface of the Illustration board or leave it as is? I have a very dark background around the rose and I do not necessarily want to try and get that dark with pencils or paint. I think I will cover the background with a coat of black gesso. That way I will only need to add the lighter values to the background. If I add black gesso to the background and not the rose this will leave the rose light enough to get the light values it needs.

I also think I need more tooth or texture on the surface, so I have decided to apply a thin layer of Acrylic ground for Pastels manufactured by Gamble to the entire surface first. This will give me a slightly sandy surface. I will allow this to dry, transfer my cartoon drawing, then apply black gesso carefully to the background. Once the gesso is dry I can begin to apply colored pencil.

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