Monday, January 19, 2009


I was contemplating starting a painting I have been thinking about since last Fall. I started doing some thumb nail sketches and was in the process of scanning the images to share on my blog when I came to a stop. It was almost like a vail came down and covered me, smothered me. I began to question why I would want to go through the process of doing yet another painting. No one would buy it and it would sit with my other paintings in a corner of my studio gathering dust. Why bother?

I spent the rest of the day digging myself out of my gloom and doom, telling myself time and again, I do it because I have to. I do my art because it is in me and I need to let it out to feel whole, to feel like I am complete. I do my art for me! Why dose it get to be so complicated sometimes?

Why do we question our talent and abilities to just express ourselves through our art and not care what the rest of the world thinks? Maybe it is the gray days of winter or the alignment of the planets that caused such doubt to overcome me. This too shall pass, and thankfully it has. I am ready to begin anew!

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