Thursday, January 22, 2009

River Painting step 1

O.K. Once again I am going to try and share my process in the creation of my painting.

Last fall I stopped along a local river and took some photos of the river and autumn foliage. The water level was so low I could almost walk across the river on the river bed. I loved the formation the water had carved on the rock bed.

I have decided this will be my subject. I begin by creating thumb nail sketches. Very quickly I realized that I had two paintings to consider. One of the landscape including the rocks in the river and another of just the rock patterns.

After some thought I have decided to do both paintings starting with the rocks. I looked through all my reference photos and started to crop just the rock patterns till I came across something I liked. I decided I would attempt to do this one as an abstract. I have not attempted an abstract painting in over 30 years so we will see how it goes.

I decided to make the painting 28 1/2 by 23 inches because I already have a frame that will fit that size. I have also decided to put it on illustration board. I cut the board and taped off a 2 3/4" border all around for the 3" mat. This will give me a 1/4" all around to make sure my mat will cover.

I then decided to texture the board with Gesso and a sponge. I applied a thin coat of Gesso on a small area and dabbed the sponge over the wet Gesso. After it dried I sketched out some guide lines with a gray pencil.

The hardest part is remembering to stop and take a photo.

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