Saturday, January 24, 2009

River Painting step 3,4,and more

In this next photo I have started applying colored pencil with sticks. I decided to use some natural mineral spirits to blend the colors. I had somewhat mixed results. The colors would blend well but would muddy if I didn't work from the light colors to the dark colors. If I had the "Rub N' Buff" under the color it would get muddy as well. I ended up using a lot of mineral spirits and the areas where I used it stayed tacky for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately I was in too big a hurry on the next photo and it was out of focus so... fast forward to the next day and a lot more color.

I am struggling with the painting now and feel it is moving more and more away from an abstract. I think I will let it sit for awhile and look at it and think about what it needs.

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