Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Corvallis Art Guild

Practice, practice, practice!
I practice all day long. I would go over and over my speech so I knew it by memory, which by the way, ain't as good as it used to be. All my work payed off.

I was in Corvallis last night at the Art Guild meeting and did a presentation about colored pencils. There were around forty or so artists present and my presentation went off without much of a hitch. I only wish my slides would have projected better. Technology is such a fickle thing. It is very difficult to get an image on a computer monitor to look like the original and even more troublesome to get it to project accurately.

I had a great time talking about my passion, art, and my love of colored pencils. The Corvallis Art Guild is a fabulous bunch of artists and I am proud to be one of them. Thank You CAG.


I really thought you did a great job last night - very informative... I was in the back of the room - everyone was entranced with the capabilities of cp and what one could do with it. I think you surprised a number of people. There seemed to be a good crowd up front after the presentation. I would have to rate it as one of the better presentations this year as the amount of information provided and the way it was presented. Cool job... !
Terry Tallis

btw- I have added Terry's blog to my Art Links. Terry has written a fabulous book for photographers. Check it out on his blog!

Hi Kris. That was a really good talk last night. I had no idea how varied your styles and subject matter are! Great work. I especially was intrigued by your plein air "starts". When I looked at the one you brought, I realized you didn't even need to be near a landscape to see one in it. Congratulations for being able to make the move from fine detail to broad ideas. I can't do that...yet?

I think you should give a mini-workshop to the CPSA on your plein air techniques. I think a lot of people (me, anyway) would be interested.

Hi Kris,
That was a wonderful presentation. You covered a lot of material, which was organized in an easy-to-follow way. Making the samples available to touch and see at the end was a great. It's one thing to see/hear how you do it; to actually touch it makes a greater impression. Thanks
The Mandala Lady

FYI I have added "The Mandala Lady" to my links as well. Check out Maureen's beautiful Mandalas.

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