Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When is it Done?

No matter how many paintings I do I always have trouble with this question. Is a painting done when you are finished? Is it done when it is signed?

For me I don't always know when a piece is completed. It may be done when I am finished adding the last stroke of color, ready for my signature and a frame. Other times it has to set for awhile and "percolate" slowly showing me what needs to be changed. This is when I place the piece where I can observe it at various times of day and varying light. Sometimes I have taken a piece out of the frame and tweaked something that needs changed.

This is my latest piece, started a few weeks ago and just now completed due to life's other challenges.

Is it done?

I think so, but then it's not framed yet.

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CVOChristi said...


I have the same problem. Often times I ruin it, then know it is past done. hind sight.

I think it is done. Very nice!