Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Out, out, darn PINK!

There is no substitute for landscape painting like being outdoors painting. The experience is quite often daunting but the rewards are worth the effort.

I have been out weekly during the warm weather of summer creating colored pencil paintings from nature. Some worked out well, others not so much. Never the less I keep at it for it is through my outdoor experience that I learn the most.

A few weeks ago I was at a beautiful location right in front of a spectacular water fall. I was happy with my painting till I returned home and viewed it inside out of the direct light. Too pink!

I worked on it in the studio adding more blue and white to the water but lost some of the spontaneity in the painting. The more I tried to get rid of the pink the more it worked its way to the surface. I was working on a sanded surface that I had not tried before. I liked the surface but what was it with all this pink?

I finally realized I had used a dark purple and dark red color in the dark rocks, the more I tried to get white water the more lavender and pink it would turn. I used an electric eraser to get rid of most of the dark red and purple and then I was then able to use white without all that pink coming back (the sanded surface ate through several erasers). I think it is a bit overworked but I am happy with the final version.

Happy painting :)