Monday, August 31, 2009

From Inches to Feet

I'm trading in my pencils for a few weeks and taking large paint brushes in hand to create a mural in the Benton Center lobby.

The plan is to create a "Tree of Learning" on the wall along the ramp leading to the older section of the building. The wall has some challenges with a hand rail as well as a slope. My plan is to use the hand rail as a horizon line and put the roots of the tree under the rail and the trunk and leaves above.

The request is for the tree to have some dimension, so my next challenge will be putting some sort of material on the wall that I can sculpt to look like a tree. My plan is to use a dry wall texture, in dry form so I can control the thickness.

I have put a layer of primer on the wall and have drawn the tree out roughly where I want it. This week I will be working on the sculpting part.

Wish me luck!

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