Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Learning Tree

I began work around 8 this morning. I worked alone today because I needed to make decisions on color as I worked. I mixed colors and glaze to get the effect I wanted and applied them to the wall. A bit of red hear and a bit of green there, softening and blending as I went.

I finished at about 3:30 and just had time to get things cleaned up before a small gathering of board members assembled in the area for a five year anniversary party for the remodel of the building.

I was trying to get out before the shindig began but was asked by the president of Benton Center if I would stick around so he could introduce me and my "Tree of Learning". Needless to say I was not dressed for the impromptu unveiling but it was nice to get the warm appreciation of all who were present.

Thanks Jeff and Shirley.

The tree is a white oak, native to the Willamette Valley and growing outside of the Benton Center. The colors where chosen to represent all four seasons as well as coordinate with the surrounding colors in the building. The symbols represent the different things taught at the center and are hidden in the tree to be discovered upon close inspection. I am pleased with the way it turned out, so it must be done.

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