Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wall... continued

Things are going much faster than I originally anticipated.

I arrived this morning at Benton Center around 9:00 and started sketching in the icons that represent the classes offered here. I then painted them with a dark brown almost black paint. Around 10:30 a good friend arrived to help. Having help always makes the job much more enjoyable and fun. It didn't take long before we had the dark section of the tree done.

We then mixed up our glaze colors, five in all, a dark red, a pea green, an orange and a golden yellow along with a wall color glaze. The glaze is mixed about 4 to 1 with the paint color. We applied the glaze with natural sponges starting with the dark red, then green, then orange and finally the yellow. I must admit the thing was looking a bit garish after the colors were added but we then went over it with the wall color glaze and it all softened and became quite subtle.

I fussed with it awhile adding lights till I decided it needed time to dry and I needed a soak in a warm tub.

Thank you Nancy for all your help today. It was not easy being brave and sponging such bold color onto the wall. You did an awesome job!

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