Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wall Sculpture

Today I started the "Tree of Learning" mural at Benton Center. My plan for today was to start putting the texture on the wall to create a 3D tree. I was originally thinking about using a material called Kwik Fix but after talking to my carpenter friend Steve, I decided a setting type joint compound would work better.

This type of drywall compound is very different from other types of drywall mud. This type dries through a chemical reaction and is typically very hard. Available as a powder with drying times ranging from 20 minutes to several hours depending on the type used.

I used the 90 minute type. It has excellent bonding capabilities to a variety of surfaces. Other benefits include less shrinkage and cracking, also it is much harder than regular All-Purpose drywall mud.

I used a trowel to apply the compound to the trunk and root area, then I used a textured roller, then knocked the surface ridges down with my trowel. It worked great and really likes like bark.

I applied the compound with a natural sponge to the leaf areas, some thin and some thick. I twisted the sponge and made sure not to get any repeating pattern, just random texture.

In the photos the tan area is the wet joint compound. I decided to allow this to dry a day or so and then go back and add more depth.

It must be going okay because I had several people come by and say it looked like a tree. :))

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