Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Demo at the Duck Store (Part1)

I started with a thumbnail sketch of my composition and values.

I then transferred my composition sketch to my paper. I decided to try some new paper I just purchased called PastelMat. It is a pastel paper from France and the color is sort of a yellow ocher. I drew my sketch with a water soluble graphite pencil and then wet it to create graphite washes for my values.

After it had dried I started adding colored pencils. I started with French Gray 10% in the sky with some light pink and a bit of light blue. I applied the color in long strokes going first diagonally one direction and then diagonally in another direction.

All of the colored pencils that came next were applied while I was doing my demo. I found it quite hard to work and talk at the same time, so left verses right brain. I tried to let people know what I was thinking and why I was making the choices I was making as I was working.

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