Thursday, October 29, 2009

Demo Part 3

I added more color to the grasses. I am building up layers of color to create depth in the grass. I use the side of my pencil and long strokes especially in the front where the grass is quite tall. I have adjusted the slant of the tree on the left so it points inward toward the center of the painting. I have added some clouds to make the sky more interesting.

Now I can start adding more and more detail. I keep added grasses this time adding some that cross the ones in back for variation. I adjust the values in the grasses so they are lighter towards the center of the painting to draw the eye inward.
I add more detail to the leaves of the trees.
I decided to add more to the distant hills in the center of the painting to give the feeling of the valley extending beyond.

I needed something to slow the pace of the strong line in the path so I added some dark spots between the grasses. I am paying very close attention to any strong lines and breaking them up with variation in color and/or value.

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