Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Demo Part 2

After laying in my basic color washes while doing my demo I then worked in my studio adjusting the composition and adding more color.

In this next step you can see that I added more area to the distant field. I wanted more of it to show in the painting, more like my original sketch. I accomplished this by erasing the distant trees and raising them up higher on the picture plane. This also moved my horizon line. Now it's not right in the middle of the painting making for a stronger composition. Secondly, I dropped the base of the trees on the left. They had becoming too close to the same level as the trees on the right. My intent in the original sketch was for the left tree mass to be closer on the picture plane then the trees on the right.

I am building up the color layers, concentrating on color so sometimes I loose the composition. I find it very helpful to keep checking my sketch so I keep my composition true to my original.

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