Monday, October 26, 2009

Down to the Wire

Late Friday afternoon and still nothing to demonstrate for Saturday.

I am scheduled to do a two hour demonstration on colored pencils at the U of O bookstore on Saturday and I have been struggling all week trying to come up with something. The first hour will be no problem, I can talk about all the pencils and papers available to colored pencil artists as well as the many tips on ways to use them. But what can I demonstrate for the second hour?
Finally inspiration hits me! I will demonstrate how I approach a landscape painting. A fall scene!

First thing to do is gather some photographs. I will be in a basement so will have to work from reference photos rather than life.

I took this photo a few days earlier from my car window. I loved the color in the foliage.

The second is of a hill covered with fall colored trees and grasses in the foreground.

The last one was taken earlier this year. I like the path in the grass and the distant field.

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