Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Waterfall Painting

This is my waterfall painting after a couple of painting sessions. I am pretty pleased with the results so far just not sure what needed to happen next so, I asked.

I showed my painting to several of my friends and asked for their comments. This can be rather intimidating the first few times. An artist's skin has to be thick. I want an honest answer from my friends when I ask for an opinion but they don't want to say anything bad to hurt my feelings.

After several years of creating a relationship I am fortunate to have several friends whom I trust to give me an honest critique and they know I don't take it personally. Actually sometimes I don't take their opinion at all. In the end it is up to me.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inspiration at last!

Finally back in the studio working again!

I have been thinking about doing a painting of a waterfall for several years. I was in the Columbia River Gorge at an artist retreat a few years ago. On my last morning there, I sat before one of the falls and sketched just as the sun was starting to break above the rim of the canyon. I snapped several reference photos and headed for home.

Well, that was three or four years ago. In my search for inspiration I cam across the sketch I did that morning in the canyon.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I have not been able to locate the pictures I shot that morning. Here is my sketch and a thumbnail I did for the larger painting.

"If you want to be a painter never look at pictures." - Winslow Homer

I have a frame all ready, actually it is an old painting I did many years ago so I am recycling! The frame measures 16" X 32".