Friday, March 12, 2010

Final Waterfall Painting

Final version.

Very small changes. I softened the edges of the falls. I also softened the grasses in the foreground and added yet more depth to the middle ground trees and softened the edges.

Very large change. I was told by someone who's judgment I trust that the top right section of trees was confusing. I eliminated them and worked on the transition from trees to canyon wall.

I am happy with the painting so I consider it finished.

Just before I fell asleep one night the title came to me.... "Anticipation".

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Waterfall Painting Progress Part3

Not very big changes now, just some minor adjusting.

The main change was to the waterfall. It is important in making the fall look convincing that the water falls straight down. I used a ruler to make sure I had a straight fall.

I also added some detail to the water with lights and shadow.

I added more dark foliage at the base of the falls where it disappears behind the trees.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Waterfall Painting Progress Part2

After receiving critiques from those I trust I worked on adding more depth to the foliage especially the middle ground trees. They needed more shadow to make them feel round and, as an artist friend said, "holes for the birds to fly through".

I added more dark values, I wanted to emphasize the feeling of the light as it poured out from above the canyon rim so I needed allot of contrast. I also worked on opening a space in the row of foliage just past the front grasses to allow the viewer to move back into the painting.

I added more trees to the canyon rim and more color to the sky.