Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Roll Out The Barrel Part 4

Today was both rewarding and frustrating.

I started work early this morning. The weather today was much cooler and a bit rainy. This has helped with the paint, extending my work time before it dries. I started with the last fiddle bits on the band around the middle.

The bunghole has been a bit of an issue from the start. When I received my barrel it had a bunghole and I was given the bung to reinstall if I so chose. I was not sure whether I wanted to put it in or leave it out. I thought about how I could incorporate the hole in my painting and tossed a few ideas around. Mother nature helped make up my mind. On a warm afternoon I noticed a lot of gnats flying around the barrel. They were drawn to the wine smell emanating from inside. I decided to reinstall the bung.

The bung is a small round piece of wood and when inserted in the bunghole sticks out about 1/2 inch. I glued it in place and left it to dry contemplating how I was going to cut of the excess and sand it to match the surrounding surface. The next morning while drinking my coffee and staring at the barrel inspiration struck. I decided to paint the bung to look like the welcome signs as you enter Philomath. The signs are mounted on large logs and great traffic at both ends of town. Voila, problem solved.

I was finished with the middle band by around 11:30 and had the rest of the afternoon to finish the smaller bands. My plan was to paint a grape vine around the small bands. Shouldn't be too tough, right? Wrong! I tried to get the vine to look right all afternoon. Around 4:00 I gave up and worked in the garden for awhile. When I came back I realized the vines were too close to the same value as the barrel and needed to be much darker to stand out from the background. The last thing I did before calling it a day was use a very large brush and paint over the leaves. They need more work but that will have to wait for another day. I'm beat!

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