Sunday, August 8, 2010

My First Art Fair

Yesterday I spent the day in a booth at the Corvallis Art Guild Clothesline Art Sale.
What an exciting day it was. I shared my booth with a fellow (literally) artist. By sharing the space we also shared the set up and take down tasks and had someone to man (not literally) the booth at all times. It was fun but exhausting.

Some things I learned:

Set up early - the serious shoppers are out early for the best deals.

Be organized - by spending time before the event to get everything organized pays off in getting things set up. No last minute frantic runs for parts.

Take lots of water - It is important to keep hydrated during the day, it could be very hot!

Take a lunch and snacks - You may not get a chance to break away to go get lunch so bring it or have someone bring you a lunch. Also take time to eat. Don't wait for a lull in costumers, it may never happen but do be prepared to interrupt your meal to talk to someone about your art.

Talk about your art - Don't be shy in striking up a conversation with people in your booth. You can never tell if they are "tire kickers" or "serious shoppers" so strike up a conversation. Say, hello, ask if they are enjoying their day? This will either lead to more conversation or not.

Get a good nights rest the night before - it could be a very long day and getting some rest before the big day is a must.

Get help tearing down - If you can get some help in taking the booth down, after several hours at the fair it is a welcoming site to have help arrive at the end of the day to help pack things up! (Thanks so much to our spousal partners!)

All in all it was a fun day and well worth my efforts in monitory and social value though I do not plan taking my art "on the road" any time in the near future :)

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