Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yikes, here it is the last day of September and I have not updated my blog in weeks! I have been very busy out making art and have not been writing about it.

The last few days I have been getting paintings ready for the Annual Vistas and Vineyards art show at the Oregon State University LaSells Stewart Center Gallery. Every year that I have been a member of this group of outdoor artists I have entered and have been lucky enough to have one or more of my paintings selected. This year I can enter three paintings to be juried.

I have chosen three of my strongest pieces and hope that at least one will be judged worthy enough to hang on the wall.

Entering art shows is always a" crapshoot". One never knows what will strike a cord with the judge. You just have to enter and take a chance.

I'm posting my three entries so you can see for yourself. You be the judge. Will they make it in? What one do you like the best? I'll let you know how it goes.

The first is titled "The Far End of the Lake"
The next is "Between the Vines" and the last is "Under the White Oak".

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