Monday, November 15, 2010

What if we treated driving like we treat the arts?

We'd assume that people were either born to drive or not. We'd wait and see if, as children, they started driving on their own, if they had talent and a calling. If they did, we would be careful not to interfere with their talent and possibly suppress it. We would make sure to encourage only those who seemed they'd be able to drive professionally. We'd pay some of them millions of dollars to drive and lavish them with fame; others we would refuse to support, encouraging them to do something more useful for society. Everyone else would assume that they would never be able to drive and would just stand on the sidewalk and watch the traffic. At least the ozone layer would be in better shape.

From: "The Creative License" by Danny Gregory

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christy said...

That is hilarious to think about: waiting to see if kids get into cars and figure out driving on their own. Sad to think about all the people on the sidewalk though. Hehe.