Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Turkey Tail Fungus" update

My "Turkey Tail Fungus" painting is progressing. I have only the lower left corner to complete. I am a bit stuck at this point in the painting. I'm not quite sure how to proceed. The forms in the lower left corner are darker like the one in the upper left. If I make them dark I am afraid the painting will be heavy on the left side. At this point I am going to think about the overall painting and work at making the composition tie together.


Claudia Ka said...

Hello, how are you?
You painted this or is photoshop?
I am from Brazil and visited your blog. Great here. I Have a musical blog, and I would like your visit. We would be virtual friends... www.temperomusical.blogspot.com
Claudia Ka.

mitchellart said...

Claudia, This is all Colored Pencil, NO photoshop! I will have to visit your site. Thanks for your comment.