Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Butterfly Ball step 1

My newest colored pencil painting is a ball of Peacock butterflies!

Peacock butterflies are named after the large eye-like patterns on their wings, which are similar to the magnificent patterns on peacock tails. The peacock (bird) is unmistakable thanks to the “eyes” that are visible when the male bird displays its tail as part of its mating display. The peacock butterfly is similarly unmistakable, although the “eyes” have a different function, namely to frighten off predators when the butterfly opens its wings.

Peacock butterflies are a much-loved and welcome sight in Britain, when over-wintering adults emerge from hibernation in February and March. They are immediately recognizable due to their vibrant red wings, punctuated by four unmistakable false 'eyes', positioned in the corner of each wing.

The Peacock butterfly lives a relatively long life, up to one year. During the winter, Peacock butterflies hibernate in large groups. They can create a hissing sound by rubbing their wings together if disturbed or bothered.

I have just started the paining and the faint outline of the ball is hard to see. The piece is rather small, only 8" x 8".  I am using the Strathmore marbleized paper I like so well.


deerie65775 said...

These are colored pencil drawings??
Wow!! I never knew you could get such BEAUTIFUL detailed amazing results with a colored pencil!!
Your work is GREAT!

mitchellart said...

Yes, derie65775 these are colored pencil. Thanks for your comments.

ajax5-birasblog said...

belissimo trabalho parabens!