Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Humungus Fungus!

I have finished the "Turkey Tail Fungus" painting. In the final steps I worked to blend the edges of the painting into the surrounding background and make them interesting. It is important to keep the principles of design in mind and  move the viewers eyes around the painting slowly and allow them to discover the detail.

I think I will call it "Humungus Fungus". Did you know there is a Humungus Fungus Fest that takes place in August each year in the small town of Crystal Falls, Michigan. Several years ago a "humungus fungus" (a GIGANTIC mushroom) was discovered in the Crystal Falls area. It weighs roughly 11 tons and covers 37 acres. This makes it the largest mushroom (fungus) in the world. Based on the average rate of growth through the soil, the Humungus Fungus is probably more than 1,500 years old - imagine that!


Christy Morford said...

Holy Cow! What a great piece of info. I am sharing it (and you cool picture) with my students. Thanks, and I want a print!!

Christy Morford said...

"Holy, guacamole! That's a big 'shroom!!!!!"

a quote from one of my 4th period student upon seeing your painting.