Sunday, March 20, 2011

Teaching and Loving It

Yesterday I traveled north to Wilsonville for the Colored Pencil Society of America Portland District Chapter meeting.

Last week I was in Albany with the Coast to the Cascades Society of Decorative Painters.

Have I mentioned I love to teach! What a great time I had with both groups sharing some techniques with colored pencils.

The "Coast to the Cascades" group worked on some color theory and blending techniques then produced some beautiful cards from the new-found knowledge they gained.

The "Colored Pencil District 201" bunch worked on the color green producing some beautiful green hues by blending.

More importantly, everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time enjoying a few hours of creative retreat from the wows of the world outside.

Art is very therapeutic!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Oh my, I have been super busy!

First off I would like to announce the long awaited launch of my new web site KRISMITCHELL.COM

I have been working since last fall trying to get everything together to get my site up and running and finally all the pieces have fallen into place thanks to a friend pointing me to a super easy WYSIWYG software program and a handsome techie guy to get my site onto the server.

Please stop by and look around and I do hope you enjoy your visit.

I have been working on my "Butterfly Ball" painting and hope to post updates soon. It got off to a rocky start and I ended up starting over but I'll save the details for when I get the posts done.

Next month is the Colored Pencil Society of America Portland District Chapter Show. It is in Corvallis at Oregon State University LaSells Stewart Center from April 1st to May 1st. I will have four pieces in along with another 130 or so from colored pencil artists around the state. Should be a very good show so if you are in the area or traveling through do treat yourself to some eye candy.