Monday, April 11, 2011

Don't Be Afraid To Start Again

When I start a piece I have a mental vision of how the final image will look. I don't always follow my final vision. Sometimes I go with what the piece needs as I work and follow where it leads me. Not so in the case of the "Butterfly Ball".

My posting on February 9th talks about my plan. I worked on the piece till I got about 1/4 done. I did not like the way things were working. I wanted the butterflies to have more detail and in such a small space (8"X8") it was tough going so, I decided to start over!  Hard choice when you have hours invested in a piece.

The second time around I felt much better about how the butterflies were looking. I think the first start helped me understand how they needed to fit together. I used a lighter touch and built the layers up slower the second time.

I would only be able to work for a little less than an hour at a time and then take a break. My eyes would start to get fatigued from trying to figure out what was what on all those butterfly body parts.

Perseverance prevailed and I am quite happy with the final piece.

Colored Pencil

8" x 8"

"Fly Ball"