Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Pair of Spotted Towhee

I was setting at my computer this morning catching up on my emails when I heard a whack on the window. Oh no, I thought, a bird has flown into my window. I got up to investigate fearing the worst. To my delight the poor thing was setting upright, only dazed.

I then noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was another bird like the one lying on my deck. This one must have noticed my movement for it soon flew away.

I waited a few minutes and decided the dazed bird would recover so went to refill my cup. Out my kitchen window I noticed the second bird had perched in a nearby tree and seemed to be watching the dazed bird. I slowly walked back to the window where I could see the dazed bird, just to be sure it was still there. Indeed the dazed bird sat on my deck recovering from its bought with the window and perched in the tree was what surely must be it's mate.

The mate sat in the tree, watching.  It seemed to me to be talking, coaxing, reassuring it's mate. It stayed near for quite some time till the dazed bird recovered and started hoping about. Then the bird in the tree flew down to the deck and joined it's mate and soon they flew away together.

I take things like this that happen to me quite seriously. I do not believe in chance, I believe things happen for a reason. What is the reason for my experience this morning? Is it to show me the compassion the two birds had for one another?  Do I have a need for more compassion in my life? I don't know what the "Universe" is trying to tell me, I do know it will come to light sometime in the future if I am ready and willing to see it.

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