Tuesday, August 9, 2011

YOU Are The First Filter

As artists we tend to have an emotional connection with each painting we work on. Something inspired us to paint the subject in the first place. As we work through the process of creating we reach a point when we must decide if it is finished. When that time comes is different for each of us. I like to live with a painting for a few days or weeks before I decide it is finished. I may "tweak" it a bit and then reassess. My final decision is based upon one question. Do I like it? If the answer is yes, it is finished, simple as that. If the answer is no, one of two things needs to happen. I must continue to adjust it or, I need to abandon it and move on. Sometimes making the decision to move on is not an easy one.

A few weeks ago I was out paining along the Willamette River. I was motivated by the river and it's bends and the way the light reflected off the water and banks. I especially liked the light on the cliffs. There was a tree at the top of the cliff that was bent over, barley hanging onto it's precarious perch. This intrigued me. I have worked on this painting, tweaked it, worked on it more and have finally come to the conclusion it is never going to be one of my better paintings.  I didn't capture the feeling that originally inspired me. I have fussed with it, adjusted the color, worked it over again and again. I just don't "like it".  I'll put a layer of gesso over it and hope the next painting turns out more to my liking.


Andi Keding said...

Great colors. Beautiful work. Andrea

Bill Laing said...

Hi Kris--

Re-read your first sentence--"A few weeks ago . . . " I think the Freudian Slip (?) says it all. You are a wonderful artist with great insight.

Bill Laing

bubblegum casting said...

absolutely wonderful work