Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Plein Air Journey ~ Season Three

Season three I decided to change my approach and try something different. I had some fluid acrylic paints from a workshop I had attended and decided I would give them a try. I proceeded to buy ALL the colors Golden paint had to offer and a fancy but inexpensive French type easel to boot.

My fist attempts were soon painted over but I did manage a few somewhat successful paintings.

"Farmers Market" was one of my first successes on a 12 X 24 inch wrapped canvas. It was painted in the studio from sketches done on location.

"Walk With Me" was painted on location but with great frustration on my part. It was a very hot day. The paint would dry almost before I could apply it to the canvas. It is also a 12 x 24 inch wrapped canvas.

"Blue Drifting Dreamily" is one I consider to be the most successful of that season. It was one of those rare occasions when as an artist you need only get out of the way of the process, for the painting moves through you and out onto the canvas. I worked with very watered down paint that day, so wet that I was a bit concerned the canvas might warp. Thank goodness no one was painting too close to me because I would apply paint and then rotate the canvas, sometimes flinging it to move the paint around the way I wanted. It is on a 8 X 24 inch wrapped canvas and hangs in my family room where I can enjoy it every day.

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