Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Plein Air Journey ~ Season Four & Five

2006 and 2007 mark a turning point in my plain air journey. I started out the 2006 season with the fluid acrylics on canvas as I had in the 2005 season but while I was at a retreat in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge I had an "Aha moment" and decided I would combine fluid acrylic with colored pencil.

I randomly brushed gesso onto some museum boards and then applied fluid acrylic in a equally indiscriminate fashion. This gave me a totally haphazaed surface as a "start" for my landscapes.

"Airley Vineyard" is one of my first successful attempts on this surface. The texture and color on the surface made it hard to do a lot of intricate detail thus forcing me to work faster and think more about shapes. (approximately 8X11~ private collection)

This becomes even more apparent in " Under The Vines". I used the technique of negative painting to create the leaf shapes. Original is 8" X 10" for sale ~ $300.00 framed. Custom size prints of this painting are available at Imagekind.

"Yin Yang" is a small 5 X 13 inch painting but it was a major breakthrough in my artistic journey. I was in a private garden and was inspired by the small clover like plants that were growing in a small pond. I worked on the painting and I remember thinking little about the placement of the plants and I did not intend to include the fish swimming among them. As the painting process progressed however the fish just seemed to manifest in the colored background. Viewed from a distance the painting reminded me of the Chinese Yin Yang symbol, thus the title. This painting is in my collection and I do not intend to part with it (one of my Hubby's personal favorites) but custom size prints are available at Imagekind.