Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Plein Air Journey ~ Season Six and Seven

2008 and 2009 seasons of outdoor painting I continued to experiment with surfaces and washes to create my paintings.

"Path of Least Resistance" is on illustration board using water soluble colored pencils and dry colored pencils over the top. I tried to keep the fluid effect of the watercolor in this painting.

"Santiam Sunrise" is on Ampersand aquaboard. After the painting was completed I sprayed it with a fixative and then several light coats of lacquer. The painting is then sealed and does not require glazing.

I soon decided to start experimenting with the surface texture. The manufactured surfaces I tried had a very distinct uniform pattern and I wanted something more random.

"Where the Spirits Dwell" is on illustration board with tissue paper and gesso. This gave me a much more random textured surface.

2009 brought still more experimentation.

"Headwaters" was done on a sanded paper from UART. It comes in different grits and is made for use with pastels. It has been my experience that any paper that is good for pastels is also good for colored pencils.

"The South Forty" is on a very smooth light yellow paper called Pastelmat from France. Though it was smooth it seemed to take allot of layers.


Moira Ladd said...

i love your work, very delicate and lovely colours.

piglover101 said...

Beautiful pictures. Love the colors

vernessie said...

Oh My God!!! beautiful work. Words can not express the beauty in your work. I am amazed!!