Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Colored Pencils En Plain Air

I first started out using a plain set up of folding chair and drawing board on my lap. Or a nearby bench.

my early years painting outdoors

I have experimented since those simple beginnings with many different set ups. I've settled on a homemade concoction that seems to suit my needs better than anything commercially manufactured. 

My packed set up

It consists of an old metal tripod with some boards attached. One for a table type surface to hold my supplies, the another supports my work. I still carry a small folding chair. My pencils and supplies are transported in a bag designed originally for carrying tools. One of the hardest thing to overcome when working outdoors is the weather conditions. I pack an extra coat, umbrella, sunscreen and several hats.

My backpack with really cushy straps

I invested in a good backpack with padded straps and lots of storage compartments. By the way the water bottle is for my paints not me. My water is packed in my lunch box and usually left in my car.   

All ready to paint!
My set up is easy to assemble and fits my needs quite nicely. Velcro is my best plein air painting helper!!!

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Jana said...

Nice idea, showing your plein air set-up/supplies. Always helpful to see what others are doing. Maybe one of these days I'll write about mine! Looking forward to the new plein air season (it's been nice enough though we should be outside now!!)